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How short the days are long: Christine Dente does time

May 24th, 2004 · 1 Comment

Just the other day I was making a list in my mind of all the Christine Dente songs that talk about time. Then I checked her web site and saw that she has posted another journal entry, this one about time, inspired by her fortieth birthday and woven from her lyrics.

Children are brilliant refractors of time. Our three came along and changed the spectrum completely. They shrank it down at first, taking up so much time that we couldn’t find any for ourselves. Then they fanned it into warp speed, growing so fast we wondered where the time had gone.

Christine’s lyrics and perspective on life resonate with me deeply, and at least one song on each of her albums wrestles with time, how fast the days disappear, how to measure our moments and how to savor the seasons. Her solo album has been out for several months now, but it is seems quite appropriate to begin playing Summer

How short the days are long
How fast the days of slow go away
So I’m wading right in
Playing your games
And I’m running the full length of summer
By your side

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