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Something funny happened to my feeds

May 27th, 2004 · No Comments

Marc Canter linked to me the other day so I went to read his post. While I was there, I figured since I keep stopping by Marc’s blog, I might as well subscribe. So I cut and pasted the url into FeedDemon and asked it to auto-discover Marc’s feed.

I got a new feed in my aggregator. But it wasn’t Marc’s blog. It was the feed for Channel9 Forums: The Videos.

Channel9 is somewhere I’d like to spend some time. I like the Channel9 people I’ve met. I’d like to learn more. So I don’t mind having the feed in my aggregator. I probably should have put it there already anyway.

But I did think it was funny and strange to get Channel9 when what I wanted was Marc. I did go back and get Marc’s feed. I found it under the orange XML icon. Yes, this icon.

Not sure what was going on – operator error?! – I left Marc a note saying something “funny” had happened when I did auto-discover to subscribe. He replied that he was “just using plain old Radio”. Perhaps it is something with Radio UserLand or FeedDemon’s auto-discover, or the way the two interact. The auto-discover doesn’t always find the XML-icon-marked feed for the blog. I remembered that when I first tried subscribing to Scoble using auto-discover, the feed that appeared in my aggregator was Scoble’s comments.

In his post, Marc said he’d like to see video from Ted and me on Bainbridge Island in the Channel9 video feed. We don’t have the equipment to make a video feed and we certainly couldn’t post it on Channel9. But if the Channel9 crew would like to come out to the island and make a video of us, drive us around in the truck with cameras and all, we’d be happy to host them. 🙂

In the meantime, I’ll try to take some still photos whenever we go to the beach next…and I’ll try to watch some videos….

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