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Social gestures and gifts

June 1st, 2004 · No Comments

Scoble today described the social gesture of the link and quoted Dave Sifry saying that getting a link is like receiving a gift. I like giving gifts. Maybe that’s another angle on why I like blogging…

Thinking about social gestures and what gifts do I want to give today…

  • First, I owe a nice gift to Enoch who let me know this afternoon that my blog was being bombarded by comment spam. I had no idea: I wasn’t getting the email that usually notifies me when a comment has been posted. Thanks! Oh, and I’d like to send something along too to Tania, who has an amazing schedule and endurance with everything happening in their lives…even time to blog again now too!
  • I owe Lisa Williams a link for the nifty weather sticker I found at her site and picked up last night. In my sidebar also, I created a Celebrations space, where I linked to Lisa – her blog turned four years old yesterday – hurray!
  • In regards to social gestures and etiquette, Ben Hyde posted the other day a list of ways not to give sympathy. I’m waiting for the opportunity to run out of milk and practice them all, as he suggested. I’m wondering how this list translates into blog etiquette and social gestures…what to do, what not to do…?
  • What can social gestures and etiquette help me say about Joey deVilla’s post Granddad’s Blog Entry? The diary entries his grandfather wrote seventy years ago inspire me to imagine what I might leave behind. I want to say I’m so sorry for your loss and Thank you for sharing these gifts with us but I don’t know how to express the sympathy and gratitude together gracefully using words on a blog page. Thank you, Joey, for your generosity. Peace and comfort to you and your family.
  • A gift for Rod Kratchowill’s comment on love, loss and pick-up trucks. Sometimes I wish that more people understood the possibility of loss. I think that there would be more Love in the world.
  • Finally, a gift for my husband. Any particular reason today? I can’t think of any dramatic demonstration of his love for me that happened this first day of June. But just because. I love you.

    updated to add Rod K.’s

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