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Fearless fathers, mothers, Americans

June 7th, 2004 · No Comments

Quotes from today’s Seattle Times…

  • Mourning a slain father

    At least 500 people packed Marlatt’s Funeral Home in Kent yesterday to remember Nirmal Singh Thind, a 44-year-old motel owner who was shot to death last week after protecting his 10-year-old son from robbers. Mourners filled the chapel and lobby while scores more gathered in the parking lot.


    “He came in the middle from nowhere,” Sadhu said. “He saved his son’s life and he saved my life, too.”

  • How Tom Ikeda created densho.org the Japanese-American legacy project

    He was young, successful, a husband, a father and, at the age of 35 in 1992, newly retired thanks to cashing out some Microsoft stock options. Back then, he was a full-time dad coaching youth athletic teams and pondering whether he should learn to play the piano.

    What changed him, making Ikeda a more sensitive man, a public figure and a proud Sansei — third-generation Japanese American — was a digital storybook called Densho that chronicles the Japanese-American internment during World War II.

    Ikeda invented Densho. He had a scientist’s mind and the courage of a techie, which is to say he wasn’t afraid of the new or the unknown. The Web hadn’t become popular yet when Ikeda, who helped develop Microsoft’s first reference CD-ROMs, saw the possibilities and power of digitizing oral histories of the internees. And in the process, he uncovered a passion he had not known.


    “By training, I’m an engineer. A chemist. And science often looks at things (as) black and white. But I now understand the gray areas. The stories help me look at life. The stories, in a way, are the soul of my existence.”

  • Reading about last night’s Tony Awards, I liked winner Phylicia Rashad’s praise for her family:

    “Often I’ve wondered what does it take for this to happen,” said the actress. “And now I know. It takes effort and grace … And in my life that grace has taken numerous forms. The first was the family into which I was born, parents who loved and wanted me, and a mother who fought fearlessly, courageously, consistently so that her children above all else could realize their full potential as human beings.”

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