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Love for Star Trek

June 19th, 2004 · No Comments

The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame opened yesterday.

Chances are, Dave Fitton of West Seattle was the first visitor to pack a gun into the new Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame.

Fortunately, the weapon in his backpack was a toy phaser, resembling the ones on “Star Trek

Anita and Jack joined as members and attended the preview party earlier this week. I’m curious but I don’t know when we will be going.

In honor of the museum’s opening, I thought I’d link to Birdie’s Love Letter to Star Trek. Here’s an excerpt…

One year and a couple months ago, on Star Date something-or-other, my sons and I started a family tradition by accident. We rented the first disk of what seemed like an endless set of Star Trek: The Next Generation DVDs.


I wished we lived in that future, too, where replicators created gourmet meals and women wore flowing tunics and held important positions, and no wars raged on planet Earth because starvation was a memory from some other sick place and time. I loved that my sons saw this, wanted a future of space travel and social justice.

I bought my sons Star Trek uniform shirts and my youngest wore his every day. I had to wash it each night and have it on his bed every morning so that he became a Star Fleet cadet in his secret mind as he sat at a small wooden desk and counted on fingers in school. He begged me to tell Santa to bring him an Enterprise and a Wesley Crusher action figure for Christmas, and in the weeks leading up to the holiday I crossed my fingers and bid on star ships and space men at eBay.

Please read the whole post. I read it last week when she published it and enjoyed it, although I’m not a Star Trek fan. Since then, others have enjoyed what she wrote, and I’ve been thinking that readers of this blog might like it too….it’s not just about Star Trek but a story about family, hope, loss and love….Maybe someday Birdie and her boys can go see this (link via Anita).

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