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“Better than Comdex”

June 21st, 2004 · No Comments

That’s how Eric Mack described attending a home education conference. I can’t agree or disagree with him, since I haven’t been to either Comdex or a homeschooling conference. (Actually, for me, many things might qualify as better than Comdex – unless I got to go to Las Vegas alone with my husband!)

But I liked how this father of four described the fun and joy they experience as a family who homeschools. It’s a good post, and he also has a Home Education category in his blog.

I do agree with him that every parent should become a home-educating parent, participating with the children as they learn, whether or not they go to a school-setting during the day. Like us, the Macks enjoy the family time.

Since many focus on the academic potential of home education, which is great, I’ll mention something else: relationships. We have found that our own family relationships have been greatly strengthened by the time and activities that we do together, and I have observed this in most of the other homeschool families that I know. This destroys the myth that quality time is better than quantity of time. You need a lot of both. Kids watch and learn from everything that they see.

Eric Mack wrote this post because

Richard Schwartz, recently blogged that he is considering home educating his gifted daughter, and he’s looking for information from other technically oriented parents who are already doing this. If you fit that description, he’d like to hear from you.

I’m not sure I fit the description of “technically oriented parent” – that’s a question better answered by others rather than me. But I’m happy to say that we are happy homeschooling too. Although we are not as far down the road as the Macks – and we haven’t yet covered Binary Carrots – we are enjoying the discoveries each day.

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