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A six year old and a Slinky

June 25th, 2004 · No Comments

slinky.jpgTonight after dinner, Abigail took out her present from her aunt and uncle (thanks K & D!) and then the next thing I knew we were all putting on our shoes and going outside, where Ted had assembled an incline plane using our deck stairs and an extra board. Our new phones can capture video and I thought it would be fun to record a Slinky run. So Ted did and posted the clip along with his version of the evening. The girls seemed almost as excited about the movie as they did about the Slinky. I had fun watching and catching pictures with the digital camera.

Whenever Ted spends time with the girls, teaching them, I want to kiss him. I fall in love with him once again. He is wise and simple in his illustrations, patient and caring with our kids. One night he showed them his shark book, kept from his own childhood, and the girls learned to identify different kinds. The other day, over peanut butter and jelly, he explained the basic concept behind batteries, using a glass of water. Sometime soon he might take them on a tour of a computer. I know they learn a lot from him: they learn about science and they learn about love.

What a way to spend a summer evening: the girls giggling and playing with both of the Slinky toys (one large, one small), Ted gently helping them learn how to make it move down the board while making a video. It was art and science. It was physics and family fun. It was Slinky love. 😉

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