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Ascot d’Abigail

September 11th, 2003 · No Comments

As a little present for a neighborhood friend, we made a couple pillows out of fleece. The border on the pattern was fat and wide, white with big black letters printed on it. I cut it off to make the pillow and Abigail wanted it and the scraps. She spent a day playing with different ideas. Last night she cut out a piece to make a toy for Elisabeth. She then also cut another piece of fleece to make a duster and then dusted the kitchen stool with it!

This afternoon she used the wide white piece to make scarves for her and her younger sister. With her scissors she cut a piece for Michaela, trying to figure out how long it needed to be in order to fit her sister’s neck. It’s been good for her to learn to measure! Abigail wanted the longer one for herself, since she is “older”, as she says.

When we went outside later, the girls each wore their new scarves. Michaela’s shorter one ties tight around her neck. Abigail wears hers with the long ends hanging down her front. They were both wearing shirts that said “Paris” – gifts from our neighbor who just got back from a Europe trip this summer.

Looking at Abigail in her red French shirt with her white fleece scarf I thought, sure, maybe someday they’ll be modeling Ascot d’Abby on a runway in Paris!

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