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If only it had the same effect on my kids…

July 24th, 2004 · No Comments

Katherine credited my blog for helping her fall asleep last night. She encouraged me to keep up the lullabys! 😉 . According to Pops, this praise puts me in the same category as Daniel Drezner and The Dave Matthews Band. There are worse fates in life, I suppose. Maybe there’s a way to make money off my blog after all: charge insomniacs for a look at my work…might prove to be more effective than any medication…;-)

If only this blog had the same effect on my children. With the heat this week they haven’t been sleeping as well as they usually do. We’ve kept the house at 80 and it seems cool compared to the oven outside. Tomorrow promises more of the same. The kids though are still learning how to sleep in the heat. They toss, turn, wake and cry. I take trips upstairs to calm the kids and help them slip into sleep again.

Me though I haven’t had any problems this week with sleep. In fact I’ve been falling asleep while working on my blog posts. Perhaps that is the reason for the lullaby effect.

Before Mr. Sandman takes me away I’ll see what I can post tonight…sweet dreams to Katherine and all….

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