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5000% return on investment!

September 13th, 2003 · No Comments

While at Valley Nursery on Thursday, I noticed they had some large purple dahlias for sale – similiar to the one I have in my own garden. The price: $16.99
And what did I pay Persephone Farms for the tuber : 33 cents
So if I could buy the tubers at 33 cents and sell them for 17 dollars, I’d make a 5000% return on the investment – wow!

Moral #1: Buy tubers not plants
Moral #2: 33 cents in the spring is worth 17 dollars in the fall
Moral #3: It’s amazing how much a little water, soil and TLC will cost you…
Moral #4: Patience and diligence give rewards.
Moral #5: Think about investments and returns: what other ways to be wise?

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