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Time to go paint my toenails

July 27th, 2004 · 1 Comment

It’s one of those nights. I’m feeling restless. It’s the gotta-get-through-this-week itch. What’ll it take? A batch of cookies? That’s the easy but bad habit that needs to break. Maybe simply scrubbing the house will ease my mind, the physical work moving the mental energy. Or perhaps I should take a bath and paint my toes. Frivolity takes the cake..or rather cookies…away…

Tomorrow Ted leaves for OSCON and I’ve got a list of what I want to do while he’s away. It’s easier for me to work on the house when he’s gone. If I render one bathroom unusable it’s more convenient if one of the bathroom users isn’t using it. This time I’ve employed some foresight and asked Grandma to come watch the kids one day while I work. But I think I probably should draw the line and set a limit. Otherwise I’ll be too tired. The list of what I think I could do is endless. It’s called homeownership…

But tonight I should relax, enjoy Ted while he’s home and help him get ready to go.

So it’s time to go paint the nails purple. Actually it’s a purple-pink. Somewhere between lavender and bubble gum. I keep seeing articles that say pink is the new black. Does that mean I’m painting my nails black? Of course the bottle I bought has an elegant description, not “purple-pink”. Someone gets paid money to create names for shades. There’s a job I’d like to have. It would be fun to cook up color names. And it would change each season with the fashions. I think someone who could be both thesaurus and artist would enjoy the job.

I only embark on pedicure attempts once a year. So now you know it’s a special night. Perhaps my purple toes will motivate me through these minor renovations. Or they’ll make me think of lavender and bubble gum…that’s what I need… something to chew and some aromatherapy….like bath salt…

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