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Yertle the Turtle and other things political

August 21st, 2004 · No Comments

On a recent trip to the library, the girls found Dr. Seuss’s Yertle the Turtle story collection. Reading the book to them the other morning, I realized Theodore Geisel had crafted a clever description of power and politics in the guise of a group of reptiles. It’s a great story of justice and voice – my six-year-old could recognize the themes.

Since I’ve mentioned politics, a territory where I rarely venture in such an explicit fashion on this blog, I will add a few links…

  • Via Jay McCarthy, I appreciated this essay by James Wilson on Why the Constitution Isn’t the Bible.

    Gary North shows that the Constitutional Convention in 1787 was exactly this: the attempt by man to get rid of God and to perfect humanity through enlightened rationalism and social evolution. The ratifiers at the state conventions did not realize it, but it is evident today. The pre-dominant Church has no relevant reply – no intellectual resources – to answer Darwinism and Marxism, precisely because it has already yielded to Newton’s Modernism and faith in Democracy.

    I often wrestle with the difference between faith in God and faith in government. Sometimes it seems to me that the two have become fused (confused?) together, at least for some segments of society. Reading this perspective refreshed me.

  • Anita Rowland linked to Jake of 8Bit Joystick’s efforts for the Kerry campaign. It seems that earlier this week he was driving in my neighborhood – well, in the town over the bridge from us – with the help of Microsoft’s Streets and Trips 2004 which he described as mapquest on steroids

    Over the next four hours we found and visited around twenty homes including the ones that were way the hell out in the woods past the paved roads. It is all public data but this gives you the ability to sort and manipulate it quickly. We were able to find about 90% of the homes that we were looking for. We probably could have found the other ten percent but we were on a time schedule.

    This weekend I saw them use this software to plan the canvassing trips and I jested. “Huh Microsoft made a software tool that lets you track down people based on their personal information imagine that”.

  • Washington State now has a new primary system. I must say that I am not looking forward to this vote-for-candidates-of-one-party-only system (choose one of four ballots) but I know that our state has been scrutinized and challenged in the courts. I appreciate that they are doing TV and mail ads to explain the changes (got ours in the mail today). At least they selected a cute campaign, employing a pig, giraffe and duck…
  • Speaking of elections, blogger Jacqueline Passey has filed to run for Secretary of State as a Libertarian candidate. It’s cool to see someone I have been reading each day for a while run for statewide office. I almost certainly know more about her than I do about the other two candidates…or any of the other candidates on the ballot!
  • A few weeks ago, when I wrote about the Democratic National Convention and its coverage, one reader wondered what my political party affiliation was. I wrote a post as a response but didn’t have time to publish it then…here is the last paragraph…

    I think that what our country needs is something that neither politician can promise or change. A change of the heart, not presidents, is what is necessary. But I don’t know how to vote for that. I can pray for that. I need to pray more for that. And I will pray about whom should receive my vote.

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