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Serendipity or a sign?

August 21st, 2004 · No Comments

It’s my habit to try to peek at my aggregator here and there throughout the day. It’s a form of snacking, I suppose. A way I relax for a moment or two while I stand by my computer in the kitchen. A little escape.

Yesterday was intense for me and I was working with one of the kids, trying to teach her something for several hours. But I thought perhaps I should stop. Give it up. It wasn’t going the way I had hoped.

Then, in the afternoon, taking a little escape break at my desk during naptime, I spied this post. And then this one. Oh the synchronicity! Mere coincidence? Or was it a sign that I should continue…

And what was it that I was trying to do with my daughter?

Well, here’s a hint….


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