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What a recipe you are

August 26th, 2004 · No Comments

The other day Ted used an excellent analogy to explain genetics to the girls. He and I were wondering out loud whether Elisabeth’s rash was a virus or allergy. Whether it was illness or genetics. So then we had to try to teach the girls the difference.

Abigail is learning to cook, and Ted used the concept of a recipe to illustrate genetics. Inside each cell are recipes. What if the recipe is copied wrong? What if something is substituted for an ingredient? What if something else is added?

We also got into a little birds-and-bees explanation, telling the girls that they are half me and half him. Or rather, as Ted said the other day, they have some things from him, some from me, and some that are uniquely theirs.

I love this man I married. Even without a biology degree, he’s capable of cooking up some great ideas. I’m happy to be part of passing on his recipes…:-)

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