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Now growing….

July 25th, 2003 · 3 Comments

In keeping with the garden theme today, I thought, for my own fun, I would list what is growing in my garden patch (yes, even after deer dining!). Keep in mind that this is a small patch, 8 x 50 feet or so, so that the numbers of plants are limited….

Now growing in my garden are:

tomatoes (3 kinds: one red, one golden and one “Tiger Eye” striped)
calendula flowers (reseeded themselves from last year)
chives (like rabbits, very reproductive!)
lemon balm (from a neighbor, new this year)
oregano (now flowering, busy with bees)
hyssop (bought for its Biblical symbolism of cleansing)
peppers (2 plants Abigail planted herself, rescued from the sale rack, but they are just blossoming now so peppers may not be possible this summer…)
cucumber (?) (can’t quite remember for sure what I planted where…but it has 2 nice star yellow blossoms so far)
pumpkin (not sure about this either)
strawberries (June-bearers, just one or two plants still bearing fruit now)
raspberries (some harvested and some still to-come, 4 major canes)
sweet alyssum (all over!)
snap dragons (a few plants in Abigail’s garden, just beginning to blossom we rescued them from the sale rack)
dill (one, self-seeded from last year)
miniature roses (suffering from post-tent-caterpillar pruning)
one yellow marigold plant (a gift from Farmer’s Market)
sweet peas (all tones of purple and pink)
cosmos (3, from last year or this year’s seeds?)
day lilies (two purple ones, still in their pots)
mystery flower from wildflower mix (only one kind of seed sprouted)
carrots (a handful – some without tops and some still have theirsl)
beans (a family tradition but fewer planted this year)
one small head of lettuce with three little leaves (left over from spring crop)
one dahlia (still emerging)
basil seedlings (persevering)
very teeny tiny broccoli sprouts (hope for winter harvest)

Wow, as I write, I realize each plant has its own story, the reason why it exists in my garden, how it got there, what it needs, how happy it is…I could write my own short story collection based on my garden…! And what fun it is to nuture so many little lives and watch them grow, bloom and bear fruit….
Anyone else want to share their seedings and sprouts? 🙂

A brief postscript: where they came from:
tomatoes Persephone Farm
chives, lemon balm, miniature roses, strawberries, sweet alyssum: gifts from friends
raspberries: Bay Hay and Feed, Bainbridge Island (wish they had a site!)
day lilies: Home Depot ( $2!)
marigold: gift from generous farmer at Bainbridge Island Farmer’s Market
hyssop: can’t quite remember but perhaps Bainbridge Gardens
pepper, snapdragon plants: clearance sale at Town and Country
cosmos, mystery seed, dill, sweet peas, lettuce, broccoli, calendula, pumpkin, cucumber, carrots, beans, basil oregano: grown from seeds by Territorial Seed Company

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  • 1 Katherine // Jul 26, 2003 at 12:54 pm

    We have in our garden the following.

    On the edible side:
    – an extremely fruitful, year-round-bearing, delicious lemon tree out in front
    – a couple neglected dwarf orange trees in back (nobody in our family particularly likes eating oranges, and they seemed kind of dried out the first time we tried some, so we pretty much ignore them now)
    – an old red seeded grape vine (crisp and juicy in the fall)
    – chives (kind of faded, but still usable)
    – a towering rosemary bush, prolific
    – spreading thyme

    On the beautiful side:
    – a light purple lilac tree (too bad it only blooms for a short time in the spring, but oh what a moment that is – I love the fragrance)
    – a buddleia tree (AKA butterfly bush – this has a fragrance that brings me back to former lovely moments in my life. I can’t remember what the moments are, but I know they were wonderful!)
    – purple hibiscus tree
    – blue agapanthus by the garage
    – pink climbing jasmine by the front door
    – white bushy jasmine along the driveway
    – roses in the back
    – a few irises, hibiscus and (what is the name of that, I just can’t bring it to mind for some reason – not jonquils, not crocuses, ah yes:) freesia in the spring
    – pink armeria
    – hot pink bougainvillea climbing up the back of the house
    – a few surviving fuchsia plants
    – two camellia trees, one light pink, one dark
    – sadly, our crabapple tree which bloomed light pink died this year and we had it removed
    – bright yellow Scotch broom
    – another awesome olfactory experience: the lavender-colored, vanilla-scented trumpet vine

  • 2 Patricia A. Taylor // Jul 28, 2003 at 12:53 pm

    Herbs are what I always plant first when I move to a new place. Here we have French thyme and creeping thyme (interspersed with stepping stones to get from porch to terrace), garlic chives, basil, lemon verbena, tarragon, mint, & oregano. Sadly, my gorgeous rosemary plant, carefully transplanted from Listening Heart Farm, looks as if someone mistakenly put Round-Up on it. It is brown and dry where it was once fragrant and blooming.

    For flowers, I have some iris, zinnias, yellow climbing roses, and pink and yellow climbers, tons of bright pink cone flowers, and now gone by white daisies. My black-eyed Susans are doing well, and my potted hibiscus are flowering above the geranium and bright blue lobelia on the second floor balcony. A hummingbird visits daily and amuses us with his super speed wing flaps!

  • 3 e // Mar 15, 2004 at 2:37 pm

    do you know if yellow climbing jasmine attracts snakes in florida?