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20 ways to save $2K by the holidays

September 2nd, 2004 · No Comments

Sure, I’d like to stash away thousands of dollars by December. But the title of this article in Tuesday’s Seattle Times only teased me. I don’t usually order pizza, buy grapefruit, purchase DVDs or visit a barista. How can I save it, if I’m not spending it anyway? I may have a boring mom-of-three-kids lifestyle but at least I try to budget…

#11 was promoted earlier this week by Chip Gibbons in his post describing Diphenhydramine HCL . Chip might also add a new suggestion to #6 Read for Free

I got bored with novels, newspapers and magazines a long time ago, so now I do labels.

Chip calls himself thrifty – I imagine that with his habits he might be well on his way to saving $2K. Perhaps he should write his own list of tips!

As for us, well, our solution to this saving dilemma arrived in the mail when our credit card company notified us that they had raised the limit on our card. So now we don’t have to sacrifice those artichoke heart pizza toppings….;-)

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