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What do puppies and little girls have in common?

September 2nd, 2004 · No Comments

Puppies and little girls both need lots of food, training, baths, and affection. They also both grow up fast. Too fast.

Fred First’s adorable Tsuga turned one year old around the time our little Elisabeth had her second birthday. I’m sure our daughter wouldn’t have minded sharing her celebration with him. She loves dogs and two of her favorite words in her small-but-growing vocabulary are “doggie” and “mmmm” which is the sound she thinks dogs make, thanks to Sandra Boynton.

Looking back at the baby pictures, it’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since we brought our littlest girl home from the hospital. I confess it’s been a bit of a blur. And it’s been a year since I started enjoying Fred’s chronicles of Alpha Male’s adventures, as well as other Fragments from Floyd. Maybe next year we should invite Tsuga to join us, although I’m not sure how he would make it across the miles, even if we did try to tempt him with birthday cake.

Here are the doggies that did get to make it to Elisabeth’s party:


one that I made


and one that made it all the way across the country in a box from the aptly-nicknamed Uncle Doggie and his wife thanks!

Hugs to you too, Tsuga!

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