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I want my CME

September 18th, 2004 · No Comments

While reading Jon Udell’s piece describing medbloggers, I made a few notes.

First, I winced at the term Internet diary in an article Udell quoted – as if Kevin Pho MD is a teenage girl scribbling secret thoughts across the Web. There must be a better term to use to describe the tool of blogging.

I was surprised to learn that the University of Alabama Medical School offers one-quarter CME (Continuing Medical Education) for reading DB’s Medrants. Wow, at that rate, imagine how many CME’s an entire aggregator of medblogs would be? How many educational credits may I be able to accrue in the future through filling up my FeedDemon?

I didn’t know that there are only 100 medbloggers or so. To think that one of them is an old friend of mine!

Udell commented

Now it appears that the medical blogosphere, something I’ve long expected, is finally emerging.

But enoch wondered who’s emerging?

After reading Udell’s post, I’m wondering why it has taken a while for medblogging to flourish. People in the medical community are blogging and, as enoch pointed out, have been blogging for years. Are there any particular reasons hindering growth of the community and readership?

In an update on his post, enoch also remarked that he had been Scobleized. Jon Udell believes that medbloggers will soon become more widely-read than tech bloggers: someday enoch will be himself (even bigger than?!) a Scobleizer! 🙂

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