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Hill of Fire

September 27th, 2004 · No Comments

This week the girls and I read Hill of Fire by Thomas P. Lewis, which describes the 1943 creation and eruption of Paricutin in Mexico, one of the first times in recorded human history that people have observed the birth of a volcano.

The author described the time and place of the villagers with details rich enough that children can imagine what life was like for them: playing with rocks and dirt, eating corn cakes, carving wooden toys during siesta, celebrating the safe new village with a fiesta.

Paricutin – Hill of Fire – fascinates Abigail and Michaela. Michaela has asked me to read the book to her every day this week, I think. They want to learn more about volcanoes and Mexico.

After we read the book, we went outside and made our own little hill of fire in the garden, using baking soda, vinegar and red food coloring…


Via Instapundit , I learned tonight that

Seismic activity at Mount St. Helens has changed significantly during the past 24 hours and the changes make us believe that there is an increased likelihood of a hazardous event,

…perhaps it may be an appropriate time to pursue studies of volcanoes…

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