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Hurricane watching

September 29th, 2004 · No Comments

With the recent hurricanes, I’ve been watching bloggers who live in the affected areas. I’m glad Rod K. is okay. It all must be taking a toll. Yesterday he wrote Are we done yet?:

I was more resigned this time around. It was more like, go ahead and do whatever you’re going to do, rather than fear that something was going to happen.

We have been affected by the distant hurricanes in a very minor way. One member of my family is involved with the cleanup. Travel plans changed due to the weather this week, and so I have had to change the date of a family party. We are grateful to be able to celebrate together and the birthday girl won’t mind an early cake.

I grew up living with the volcano of Mt. St. Helens which erupted on my brother’s birthday. As Garrett Fitzgerald’s post today reveals, the mountain may be waking up again. But I can’t imagine having a home in hurricane territory.

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