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A few great blogs to check out…

October 5th, 2004 · No Comments

  • Laura at 11D is blogging about issues of work and family this week. Today’s posts include Just Another Day Getting My Nails Done, The Childcare Comfort Level, Then V. Now, and All or Nothing. What Laura writes from her own life and heart is great to read and the discussions happening in the comments are valuable and insightful. These issues of family life such as parenting, work, daily demands and community are often on my mind and in my posts. Please go stop by 11D, take a peek and contribute to the conversations this week. I’ve enjoyed reading Laura’s writing for a while. It’s a good community with lots of listening ears…
  • Speaking of parenting I want to point out Ilona’s blogging at truegrit. Her post Things I Learned From Having Children speaks truth. I hope that there will be more posts like this one…it sounds like the start of a series

    I intend to have some ongoing posts with bits and pieces from the two venues of life I have most experienced…. children and the garden.

    We are marvelously made. I agree!

  • In an earlier post, I mentioned briefly that Voice of Bainbridge has a blog. This is excellent for now I can easily keep up with busy broadcaster Philippe through my aggregator. I appreciate his work especially because I don’t/can’t make it to every island event, but through his recordings I can hear what happened at the bookstore or during the Farmer’s Market or in the mayor’s office. Now I only have to get myself an iPod or something to better enable my listening….thanks Philippe! I imagine that many others in our community will appreciate the Voice of Bainbridge blog too!
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