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Wine and weblogs, year 2

October 9th, 2004 · No Comments

Yes I’ve had a bit to drink tonight so perhaps I shouldn’t post much. Our neighbors hosted their annual party where each guest brings an assigned wine to share. In my description of the 2003 vintage of this event, I used the word “tasting” but I was informed by a reputable source in my comments that this party was more imbibing than tasting.

Last year I described how I couldn’t handle my alcohol. Due to babies and nursing, it was the first time I had had wine in years. Since then, I’ve tried to build my tolerance little by little (in anticipation of attending this party again!). I probably still can’t drink an entire glass of wine. But I am probably better off this year than I would have been last year, tee-totaller that I had been.

This year’s contest was conducted differently than last year’s. I thought I remembered using detailed Excel sheets to mark impressions and opinions. This year optional index cards and pencils were placed on the table with the wines (probably around 40 bottles).

After the hour or so of “tasting”, we then voted. Instead of categories, wines were separated into “white” and “red”.

The winner for “white” was Mezza Corona 2002 Pinot Grigio

The winner for “red” was David Bruce Pinot Noir 2002

We were assigned California syrah and brought a bottle of Pepperwood Grove – which received one vote! ( this article on Pepperwood Grove also mentions Smoking Loon (how it got it’s name!) which enoch posted on a while ago…) Perhaps I should have waited to buy our assigned wine until I had read enoch’s post on syrahs yesterday….oh well…

Instead I think I preferred the Shingleback McLaren Vale 2002 Shiraz.

I tried soave for the first time and liked the Bolla Soave 2002.

My favorite was the ice wine. It was in a square bottle, unlabelled, a mystery selection. Some, like Ted, thought it was too sweet, or burning like wasabi. I liked it.

More fun to me than the wine-sampling was the company. It was great to hang out with the neighbors and enjoy this party which is an annual tradition with “Platinum Club” memberships for those who have attended all 5 years…

We came home so I could take the babysitter to her home. Then Ted returned to the party while I’m sitting here catching up on my blogging.

Ironically as I sat here recovering from wine imbibing, I came across Liz Lawley’s post all about al-anon.

The more I attend meetings, the more I realize that some significant and beneficial changes are taking place inside of me. I’m becoming more tolerant of others—not just the alcoholic my life, but my family, my friends, my colleagues, and people I don’t know. I’m becoming less stressed by things around me. I’m developing a sense of serenity that used to be much more elusive for me.

I’m glad to hear of the changes in Liz’s life. Although I haven’t been to Al-Anon, I know that I have grown a little in those ways too through the years. It is quite freeing to realize what I don’t truly control. Control is an illusion, as Liz mentions.

But isn’t it also an illusion that alcohol – or any coping pattern – will help us feel less stressed? I often seek serenity in chocolate, not liquor, but isn’t that a lie I am feeding myself literally? I’ve wrestled with anxiety and wanted it to go away at any price. Through time, I have developed various bad habits in my desire to control the world around me, to try make my life be what I want it to be, less painful and more powerful. But that elusive peace I am pursuing can only be found if I let go of control rather than trying to grasp it with all I’ve got.

We all seek serenity. But sometimes the path to peace is elusive because it is opposite of what we believe.

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