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Good news and bad news

October 11th, 2004 · 2 Comments

Bad news today included

  • Washington ferries may be eyed for attack The Seattle Times’ front page headline this morning.

    Federal authorities believe Washington state’s ferry system has been under surveillance and could be a possible target for a terrorist attack, The Seattle Times reported Sunday.

    An FBI assessment determined that 19 suspicious incidents reported by law enforcement officers, ferry workers and passengers since the Sept. 11 attacks were highly likely or extremely likely to involve terrorist surveillance, the Times reported.

    “We may well be the target of preoperational terrorist planning,” said U.S. Attorney John McKay.

  • Looking through the eyes of a dead man : Mike Whybark’s observations about Mt. St. Helens and the media coverage of its growing magma dome.

    So, let’s review. Large numbers of people are traveling to a location near the geographic center of a massive prior eruption’s blast zone. Scientists caution that while they don’t expect an eruption on the scale of the previous one, they are by no means certain, and their interpretation can change at any time. The mountain is growing rapidly. The shape of the crater from the previous eruption would direct a large blast directly at the visitors.

    Ah, but the good news I saw was EXCELLENT!

  • Joey and Wendy are getting married! Yippee!

    Funny. I haven’t spent a lot of time with Wendy and Joey. We had lunch together at BloggerCon II, along with a few others. But I feel excited and happy for this fun couple. I’m looking forward to going through the journey with them, whatever details they choose to share. I think this is wonderful news! It made my night…

    Hey, blogging can change your life! And you never know what might happen at BloggerCon…;-)

    Funny too how reading something in my aggregator about two people and their love for each other can make these bigger problems seem a little smaller. Isn’t that the truth about Love?

    Congratulations Wendy and Joey!

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    • 1 Jim Thomsen // Oct 11, 2004 at 1:37 pm

      So the question is: Are there bloggers out there just using their sites to troll for dates … or is landing a date just a happy byproduct of their blogging?

    • 2 Julie // Oct 12, 2004 at 12:53 am

      In this case, I think that it is a “byproduct”. Wendy works at Harvard where the first BloggerCon was held and Joey came to the conference. But there certainly are bloggers writing about their love lives and who they would like to find…
      or even “blog crushes”, as they are called…
      Rebecca Blood of Rebecca’s Pocket found a husband through blogging, marrying someone who had linked to her.