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“It says WWW….”

July 27th, 2003 · No Comments

From conversations today with our daughters…
note: Abigail is 5 and Michaela is 2

Abigail and Michaela set the dinner table with our favorite jars of spicy condiments:
chili bean sauce from Lee Kum Kee and chili relish from Patak’s

Abigail : It says W W W

Michaela : W W W web

Abigail: No, that’s W E B

Me: What does www stand for?

Michaela: Food

This morning, after breakfast, I noticed many crumbs on the floor near Michaela’s chair

Me: Michaela, how did all those crumbs get on the floor?

Michaela(looking down): Think someone else did it.

Ted: I don’t think so.

Michaela: Would you see me sitting down there eating on the floor?…..

Michaela: I think I did it.

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