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Ever had one of those days….

October 7th, 2003 · No Comments

Tonight I spilled milk all over the inside of our refrigerator. A great mistake to make, especially when your husband is lactose-intolerant! I think I was just too tired and pushed the carton too far, with the spout pointing towards the back. Milk poured down through three shelves, and I had to take out most of the dishes and both produce bins to clean it all up. My arms and body are sore, perhaps from jogging this morning and then wearing the backpack, lots of tidying and cleaning this weekend; I’m not sure why it happened.

At least the fridge got a good scrub. I said to Ted that perhaps Donald Norman would have something to say about refrigerator design. It bugs me that a careless crash on a top shelf results in milk all over the inside: why aren’t the shelves continuous to the back of the refridgerator and why can’t the top shelf contain the spill? Ted pointed out to me that adjustable shelving means that there must be space on the sides. But maybe there is a better design for fridge shelving out there somewhere….or maybe a better design for milk cartons or arms, for that matter….

Just typing this out to let you know what kind of day it’s been….at least what kind of night it has been….maybe typing tonight will be good therapy and I can blog away the blues 🙂

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