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Enoch made the news for his on-line shopping skills

December 1st, 2004 · 1 Comment

Enoch Choi was on CBS 5’s news last night, appearing in a piece on Internet shopping. The girls and I had fun today watching the video clip. Elisabeth was excited, sitting in front of my computer and cheering. At first I thought she was saying “E-doc” but then I realized that she can say “Enoch” well – another new word for her!

It’s too bad Enoch didn’t get to explain RSS feeds and how helpful and easy they are for on-line shopping…

Enoch commented

Funny thing is, I’m not a big gift giver. My mom is pretty anti-gift-giving during Christmas, to accentuate the real reason for celebrating — Jesus Christ’s birth. I remember a particularly disappointing Christmas gift one year when i was around 10 years old, a pair of fleece lined moccasins (winters are cold in peoria). But the modesty of the gift did emphasize the sentiment of the giver, not the WOW factor of the gift, and reminded me that we were celebrating Jesus, not me. I’ve carried that lesson into my own family, and give gifts year-round, not emphasizing the time around Christmas.

I agree. I too prefer to give gifts year-round, rather than one or two large doses. We try to tone down and slow down the season in our home. I plan to write more about this later…

Back to Internet shopping…while I like to buy a bargain (such as Amazon’s diaper prices found via Enoch!) I also like to shop locally. I’m grateful, for example, that we have a toy store on the island. Otherwise I’d have to drive 45 minutes or more to get a gift for a last-minute party or spontaneous treat. The prices at the toy store range from reasonable to high, but many times they can’t compare with the added costs of gasoline or shipping when I try to compare on-line. I’ve also found shoes and clothes at island shops for reasonable prices. I can save time and money when I go local. When I buy on the Web, sometimes the item doesn’t fit, and then I have to send it back, paying with my own time and postage. I bought some books for schooling on-line, but that too was a lot of work when I wanted to return some. Amazon is good but bookstores are better for browsing. While I like the Internet, I find that sometimes shopping on the island is more convenient. Plus the girls and I can get exercise and build relationships while walking around our little downtown. Since we have few chain stores, mostly small island boutiques, I want to support them as I can. I’m not a big gift-giver either but when I do give gifts, I like to give to our local economy too.

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  • 1 medmusings // Dec 1, 2004 at 10:17 am

    i made the news! funny thing is i’m not into gifts for Christmas

    update: link to original moblogged post from the scene of the crime… link to julie’s comments on buying locally… link to being scoblelized… I made it! I was on CBS5 in their piece “Shoppers Flock to the Internet for Holiday Bargains” last night a…

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