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Yummy postscript

October 7th, 2003 · 1 Comment

A little postscript here to say that the Muckleshoot salmon was yummy indeed! The flesh was a rich hue and the taste juicy, if I didn’t leave it in the oven too long. I baked it with bacon, lemon and onions wrapped in foil. This is the second time I have tried this simple recipe, but to me it doesn’t taste quite as rich as it could. And I’m suspecting that I am overbaking it. I’m wondering…does anyone else out there have any recipes for cooking whole salmon?

For Michaela’s birthday over the weekend I marinated flank steak in a recipe I found on the web . Grilled by Ted and eaten by everyone, it was quite delicious – no leftovers! “It’s a keeper,” declared my husband.

We also celebrated with our first Tiger Eye tomato in a spinach salad (along with bacon and broccoli – simple and yummy!). I had bought a plant from Persephone Farms in the spring but it hasn’t been receiving a lot of sun. The branches are heavy with green fruit. Next year I will plant the tomatoes in a different place! So the first one ripened last week. The tomatoes are an intriguing shape, coming into a point. And I had thought they were described as yellow and red stripes. I imagined the tomatoes looking like Christmas ornaments, distinct bands of color. But instead they looked more like watercolor or maybe like fire, red, yellows and orange hues together. A fun tomato to grow, and I hope the many green ones on the vines will ripen soon!

Over the weekend I had wine twice – yellowtail shiraz is my favorite shiraz so far – liked all 3 yellowtails I’ve tried – and Forest Glen 2001 Merlot which we had tasted years ago – an earlier vintage, of course, – while enjoying an anniversary celebration, indulging at Manka’s out at Point Reyes, north of San Francisco.

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  • 1 enoch // Oct 8, 2003 at 9:39 am

    your tiger eyes sound like an elongated heirloom. how’d it taste?

    i shared a 6 L 1999 Forest Glen 2001 Merlot with my urgent care for last year’s christmas party of 70 people, and they loved it (down to the last drop).

    yellowtail is great for the price. if you like the style, try the following (in increasing price from $7-$12) Black Opal, greg norman, and wolf blass. ranges from fruity, to more full bodied.

    tania likes jamie oliver’s whole salmon stuffed with herbs, wrapped in wet newspaper and thrown on coals from a bonfire. also likes fillet smoked on a plank. yummy!