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Redeeming my referrer log: unexpected gifts among the garbage

December 23rd, 2004 · 2 Comments

Update 12/25
I misread the nominations site. Katherine nominated me, not the others I had thought. I still think the principles below are true. I’m grateful for everyone who reads this blog, whether an old friend or new. And I am often discovering, through comments and links, readers and bloggers who are new to me.

My blog stats aren’t as helpful as they could be. For example, my list of referrers is a mess. Many of these “links from an external page” connect to sites that don’t exist or sites that are seeking traffic but don’t seem to have anything to do with my blog, not even a link to it. Since the amount of spam (often unpleasant) in the list is immense, I have stopped examining it, as I once did, months ago.

But the other day, I decided to take a stroll and scroll through the list of sites to see whether I would make any discoveries. Technorati, good as it is, doesn’t catch all the links. And I’m curious to learn where on the Web this blog may be mentioned.

To my surprise, I discovered that this blog had been nominated for two The Best of Blogs Awards 2004 subtitled The best personal blogs you should be reading. Nothing like finding a gift during the holiday season! And two of them…

From my referrer log, I learned Will Katherine nominated me for Best Overall Blog and GraceD Katherine also nominated me in New Category: Best Education/Homeschooling Blog.

I’m honored to be nominated. I’m grateful for the kind thoughts expressed in the comments but even happier to have the opportunity to “meet” Will and GraceD and read their blogs. I don’t think I knew they were reading my blog.

Certainly I don’t expect to win, or even make it to the next level of nomination. Many excellent blogs were lauded in the crowd of comments. In the homeschool category Chris and Andrea were also mentioned, as well as many others. But it’s fun to find gifts among the garbage in my stats file.

Take-home lessons for bloggers, including myself:

  • Keep reading the stats file. There are surprises in there with the spam.
  • You never know who is reading your blog.
  • You never know what nice things people might be thinking or saying about you.

    Thank you, Will and GraceD!

    And thanks to all my readers. Robert Scoble has said my readers are the best. But I disagree. My readers are the best. You are always encouraging and surprising me.

    Thanks for all your gifts.

    Go take a peek around the The Best of Blogs Awards 2004…it’s fun finding new bloggers to read….

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    • 1 Jim Thomsen // Dec 24, 2004 at 3:22 pm

      Merry Christmas to you, Julie. I spotted you as I was pulling into the Bainbridge Island public library parking lot about 4 p.m. Wednesday, but by the time I’d parked and gone to look for you to say hello, you had vanished ….

      Congratulations on the nominations.


    • 2 bonnie // Dec 27, 2004 at 9:11 pm

      Congratulations, Julie! I learned about you at the Blog Award Nominations and, after I saw you listed at Michelle Fierro’s blog, I knew I had to visit!

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