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Bookmarks feminine and festive…

December 23rd, 2004 · No Comments

I’m tempted to comment on each link here but the days are disappearing this holiday season…so I’ll place these bookmarks on a page for me to remember, perhaps for future commentary, and for others to browse and enjoy….

  • Two news articles in the Seattle Times: Obesity’s role in infertility and Moms exercising with strollers at Bellevue’s roller rink, the latter also linked by girlhacker.com Lilly Tao.
  • Christine at wonderful Mirabilis.ca had two intriguing posts on powerful women from the past: From Payvand’s Iran News: 5000 Years Ago, Women Held Power In Burnt City and From the Times Online: Women warriors from Amazon fought for Britain’s Roman army.
  • Clancy at Culture Cat’s bibliography-in-progress of all the links I can find on the debates about gender in the blogosphere …[via Laura at 11D]
  • From Susan Mernit, I enjoyed reading Amy Gahran’s list of women in podcasting where I discovered some cool feeds.

    (Note: I had this post planned before I saw Robert Scoble’s questions/posts Are there enough women in your blogroll? and Where do you find podcasts?.!)

  • Saint Lucia posts here, here and here…I feel it’s getting late…I’ll link again and add my own comments December 13 next year…;-)
  • Randy Charles Morin’s Holiday Eating Tips is funny, although I don’t think I would follow all (any?) of his advice…along the same line is David Weinberger’s poetry for worn-out parents….I can relate and certainly have nights when I wish the kids would go to sleep (at 3 pm?!) but not sure I would use the same words or follow all his advice either 😉
  • Michelle Fierro’s Life in the Present always has an array of festive images, whatever the season. I enjoyed reading the article she linked that explains What Does Mistletoe Have to Do with Christmas? Knowing that it is a parasitic plant, suddenly changes the image for me…

    but speaking of mistletoe and David Weinberger’s poetry describing parents having time alone at night…Ted is waiting for me so we can watch a movie…

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