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Notes on Northwest connections: Seattlist, Bainbridge makes P-I news, Northern Voice talk

December 29th, 2004 · 3 Comments

  • I signed up for Seattlist which Chris Pirillo started as a way for people to dialogue about the Seattle area and get to know each other, sharing personal and professional recommendations via email. Chris just moved to Seattle, so I give him grace for referring to Redmonders and Bellevuans 😉 Or at least when I lived over there as a kid we Eastsiders didn’t use those terms to describe ourselves. Now I suppose I’m a Westsider or West Sounder. Anyway… I give Chris congratulations too for his recent engagement to Ponzi. I’m looking forward to the connections, information and fun. Please join and sign up!
  • The most read SeattlePI.com link (article or commentary) of the year was a columnist perspective on an island event: Veteran gets rude welcome on Bainbridge . I didn’t witness this exchange at our Fourth of July parade or blog about it, but it became a piece of evidence in the political debates this year, people across the country linking to this event on our little island. When I would check the Google search for Bainbridge Island or Bainbridge Island blog from time to time, I would often find bloggers who had linked to this PI article. And it is now the #1 SeattlePI.com article linked in 2004.
  • I’m starting to bookmark articles that are related to the talk I will give at Northern Voice in Vancouver, B.C. this February. On Sunday, The New York Times article Revealing the Soul of a Soulless Lawyer revealed that the blog Anonymous Lawyer was written by Harvard Law student Jeremy Blachman. The title of the blog says that it is fictional, but apparently the posts struck truth with many readers. I feel a slight connection to the anonymous lawyer (or rather law student) since I briefly met Scheherazade at BloggerCon II in Boston last spring. Sherry apparently created her own anonymous lawyer blog, a female associate of the Anonymous Lawyer. This story reflects aspects of privacy and anonymity but also the depth that people can connect with truth even if it is written as fiction.

    Pops shared his perspective, calling Blachman Hero of the Week.

    Somehow Sunday night I dreamed I too was an anonymous lawyer blogger. Strange. But stranger things have happened…

    Note: following the links and comments from Scheherazade’s blog…a commenter on this blog post stated that the Anonymous Lawyer blog was not labelled fiction at the beginning but that declaration was added later….

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