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January 15th, 2005 · 1 Comment

Like Michael Hanscom and Liz Lawley, among many others, I’m now enjoying del.icio.us.

I have been skeptical. Once I even got into a fight with Ted over it, feeling information overloaded, and wondering why del.icio.us entries had to be separate from blogging, yet one more feed to read. But I’ve changed my tune. I’m finding that I need something to help me remember certain posts, more posts than I have time to adequately link in my blog or posts to which I’d like to write a response when I have sufficient time. I was trying to use pen and paper or web brower windows. Firefox isn’t working for me that way. Del.icio.us is. It’s an easy way to note, tag and share urls. For now I am using it to bookmark posts that include aspects of anonymity, privacy and personal blogging on the web (for my Northern Voice talk). I plan to use it for a while and hope to find an easy way to add it as a linklog in Movable Type (any suggestions?). Perhaps what I find interesting will also be interesting to others.

Here’s the page.http://del.icio.us/julie_leung
RSS feed: http://del.icio.us/rss/julie_leung

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  • 1 Chris // Jan 15, 2005 at 8:27 pm

    Have your geek husband write you a shell script to invoke wget from your web server to download your del.icio.us links. He can use crontab to automate it and have it in the updated links hourly, daily, etc. Then use an include statement in your MT template to pull the link list in to the blog. The number of links to list is configurable, the default is 15.

    That’s how I’m doing it, and if I can get it working in 30 minutes it should take Ted about 30 seconds 🙂

    See the “15 links” section in the left sidebar at http://odonnellweb.com for an example.

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