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Of note 2/10/05

February 10th, 2005 · No Comments

  • Liz Lawley is spending her sabbatical in Seattle next year: hurray ! I’m excited that she’ll be in the area. I know it will be fun to see her more and I’m already benefitting – she’s helped me find our next camera! I will do some more research but we are looking for a new camera to buy and Liz’s recommendation and demonstration (plus Michael Hanscom’s endorsement in Liz’s comments) do help me know what I want.
    Local homeschoolers: if you have any helpful advice regarding resources in the Seattle area, I think Liz and her family would probably appreciate them.

  • I come late to laud Lisa Williams’ Four Minutes About Podcasting, a creative, cute and educational movie explaining benefits and details of podcasting (gotta love that Lego animation and geodesic dome humor!). She not only posted her film but also answered my next questions which were how (for less?) and why she made it. Listening to podcasts looks easy when Lisa demonstrates. And I’m inspired to begin thinking of making my own movies….thanks Lisa!
  • Through Betsy Devine’s delicious bookmarks, I discovered Adina Levine’s creative insights on managing multiple social network connections including The 21st Century Butler and Emily Post in the online global village:

    …I think part of the problem is being a post-freudian modern; intimacy is the ultimate goal of relationship and a source of secular transcendence. We need to go back to a more 18th century concept of public identity to describe the pleasures and rewards of broad acquaintance.

  • From crows to burnaby comes the difference between American Idol and Canadian Idol (tryouts in Vancouver tomorrow February 11!)

    But we Canadians are so polite and modest that it actually takes a lot of the fun out of it. When a contestant on American Idol wails a horrible, unbearable dirge at the judges and is properly slammed, they often respond with outrage and denial, spitting venom about how stupid and talentless the judges are and just you wait because they ARE gonna be famous because they’re just SO great. But on Canadian Idol, when a contestant is denied, they usually apologize and exit with downcast eyes, solemnly accepting their fate. We’re realists; we’re ready to have our dreams shattered. It’s okay.

  • Chinese Luck? No thanks. wrote Joann, linking to a thorough post from a Belgian blogger on New Year Traditions from food to cleaning to Hong Bao. Joann is also teaching her toddler to say Sun Leen Fie Lock . Chinese New Year started on Ash Wednesday: how often does that happen?
  • Radio-frequency identity badges are now used to track students at a school in California but not without protests from parents.
  • Syliva Paull has a blog – hurray! [via Dave Winer] I had fun meeting her at BloggerCon in Palo Alto last year.
  • I Kissed a Whale via Journey North
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