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Children at the conference

February 24th, 2005 · 1 Comment


The girls had a great time hanging out at Northern Voice. Thanks to everyone for being kind and understanding with our kids. For example, Darren Barefoot and his blog widow amused them with pictures of Cuba. I was glad that my daughters didn’t poke out Chris Pirillo’s eyes with chopsticks over lunch, or that they didn’t make him spout soda through his nose, as he described. Robert Scoble was sweet to his youngest fan club members and the rest of our lunch companions, including Maryam and Ponzi were thoughtful too. At dinner the kids were excited to discover that Roland Tanglao and Boris Mann also sprechen Deutsch…and Marc demonstrated how to sing in German, Mozart, I believe. At one point Ted and I thought Boris was about to jumpstart his family with some of our own; he seemed comfortable with kids. Our daughters are still talking about their dim sum playdate time with Mimi and Lucy, Lisa and Marc Canter’s daughters. I let our girls run around with a camera and take pictures. The girls posted some of their photos to their blog and I added a few to the Northern Voice flickr feed to share…In the future, I’d expect to see more and more younger attendees at blogging conferences. Thanks to the Northern Voice crew for letting our kids share it with us.

After we came home, the girls began interviewing each other, using a Dalmatian dog tail (think big black pom pom) as a microphone. They’ve also started writing stories, including a description of our trip to Canada. I don’t know if my own creativity has inspired them but perhaps seeing examples has given them ideas of their own to try…

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  • 1 nancy white // Feb 25, 2005 at 8:35 am

    I loved reading this report, Julie. With my kids now 20 and nearly 18, it is so much fun to hang out with younger kids and take a whiff of their fantastic energy. Each phase has it’s own particular scent!

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