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March 15th, 2005 · 1 Comment

  • I envy Vancouverites who may soon be seeing many newly-planted fruit trees in public spaces. [ via Four Seasons via Rebecca Blood]
  • Philippe Boucher wrote of Bainbridge Trees

    On March 1, I submitted a grant application to the Bainbridge Island Arts and Humanities Fund.

    The request is for a $1200 grant in support of a new program to be produced by Voice of Bainbridge about Bainbridge Trees.

    You can help make it happen by contributing to raise another $1200 as matching funds from individual islanders in support of the program.

    It would be a half-hour weekly show where islanders would talk about their favorite trees, voice their concerns, get answers from specialists and people in charge. The show would have its own separate blog with pictures and links.

    I like Philippe’s idea. Imagine islanders noticing trees, knowing trees and knowing each other better through this show. Imagine walking around the community seeing with new eyes, with new information, affection and appreciation for what we share.

    This may be my first contribution to the Bainbridge Tree blog. My favorite type of tree is the madrone, sensitive and sculptural, reminding me of dancers with their elegance. Eagle Harbor Park, close to the ferry terminal, boasts many of these beauties.


    To support Bainbridge Trees, please contact Philippe.

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