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Quick list of new blog discoveries

May 4th, 2005 · 1 Comment

Noted (and new to me) tonight:

  • Consciousness Conspiracy: from the first post The charter of the CC is as follows: All generations and ages have asked similar questions regarding the nature of reality: · Is there a God? If so, why is there so much pain in the world?
    Apparently the group meets at Bainbridge Island’s Pegasus Coffee on Sunday afternoons and has a book list.

  • I Love Bainbridge Island: great title, brand new blog written by EF who has links to a number of BI feeds and blogs in the sidebar.
  • Shlog, blog of Nashville musician Shaun Groves. I know he has been reading blogs for at least a little while because in July 2004 he commented (as I noted) on one of my posts. My email reply to his comment somehow put me on his email list, notifying me tonight of his blog. His blog has only two posts so far but they are rich and fun.

    Quotes: from Fun for a girl or boy

    Blogs are the Slinky of the internet…[snip] Seems everyone will have one eventually but as yet, few figured out how to put them to good use. I’m not sure I can change that with SHLOG. I’m only doing this blog thing because friends/expert bloggers bugged me to for so long that I gave in and promised to try it for a month or so. If I never take it out of the box and find something useful or fun to do with it I’ll trade it in for a new toy like.. I don’t know…my own podcast.

    Ooh a podcast! He also says he will post lyrics of new songs on his blog.

    I also liked Flannel Versus Spandex, Shaun’s insider opinion on the “Christian” music industry and the music industry in general:

    Instead, much (but not all) of what sells today is largely over-tuned, dumbed-down, metaphor-lacking, fifth-grade-reading-level Sunday school lessons preaching “God loves you and that’s all you’ll ever need to know”. But that’s just one guy’s opinion. I could be wrong right?. I’m hardly objective.


    But the idealist in me would like to think Nirvana would have still written and dressed and thought and rocked the way they did even if the leotard remained more popular than the flannel shirt. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the love of fame and fortune would have driven Kurt Cobain to tease his hair and sing falsetto to get on MTV. Or maybe Cobain and Vedder would have traded amps and lights for “would you like fries with that” and given up the rock n’ roll ghost.

    Welcome everyone!

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    • 1 Shaun Groves // Jun 19, 2005 at 10:12 am

      I really enjoy your blog, Julie. And thanks for the plug.


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