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Thinking of you

May 13th, 2005 · 1 Comment

Images from Thursday May 5:

The day after I had responded to Doc Searl’s Linux Journal piece on the flat world, I spied these items on sale.


Doc had written:In first grade they put me in the slow reading group, because I was uncomfortable reading out loud. I could read; but for me reading Dick and Jane out loud was torture.

Interesting, isn’t it, to note how Dick, Jane and family have covered their ears with their hands? Significant?!

The books were half-price but I figured it would be too cruel to buy one and send it to Doc. Or not worth the postage to Santa Barbara.


Then I saw this sign, reminding me of Uncle Doggie who is not a blogger but reads this blog.


Walking in my garden, I wished I could send a peony to Amanda who was celebrating her birthday.


The irises reminded me of my friend Katherine who had just announced they are moving to France and selling their house with its iris-tiled shower.


For lunch we ate sandwiches of mango jam made in Belgium. I thought of Steven Noels and his family. Do mangoes grow in Belgium? Or are they imported from somewhere else, processed and then shipped away to America in jars of jam? What a strange and wonderful interconnected world…delicious…or rather del.icio.us!


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  • 1 Garrett Fitzgerald // May 15, 2005 at 7:40 pm

    Look, look!
    See, see!
    Coming down the lane!
    Here comes Scott!
    Here comes Dot!
    Here comes Chicken Jane!

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