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Mohnkuchen und Kopfsalat: food mp3s auf Deutsch

May 9th, 2005 · 1 Comment

Ich mag Mohnkuchen!

I was happy to discover Roland Tanglao with Boris Mann auf Deutsch, speaking on the delights of poppy seed cakes and other German treats available in Vancouver.

Note to Ted Wenn wir wieder nach Canada gehen, mussen wir Mohnkuchen kaufen!

On my first trip to Germany at age 15 I enjoyed the poppy seed treats. Later, I asked a former exchange student who had become a pen pal to send me a recipe but I somehow misplaced her letter with its metric instructions (I didn’t know how to convert them at the time). Thanks for the reminder Roland and Boris: ich muss ein Rezept finden! I must also subscribe to Dogma Radio’s feed so I won’t miss any further podcast installments in Deutsch for Andreas. Ja wohl!

Coincidentally, the girls and I have made an mp3 in German on the topic of food. We weren’t discussing lieblings dishes but instead singing a song from a book we’re using for our studies. The girls became addicted to this silly tune about peas and pears, asking to sing it every time I took out the book, so I decided one day to try to record it. I don’t yet know how to podcast so we did the next best thing and made an mp3 on their blog.

As is obvious from the recording, our German skills need some help, but I think at least we are learning. The girls are learning simple phrases such as was ist das?, was ist los? and ich mag____. From our time together at Northern Voice, we knew Roland and Boris spoke German but I didn’t know they would make a podcast together to help others learn! Now we have a new homeschool resource: I let the girls listen to Roland and Boris speak German.

Why should my children learn German? Heritage aside, in this small interlinked world, someone might write a blog post about them auf Deutsch. I may be biased but I agree that my girls are die wirklich coolen Kids: danke!

Side note: through the technorati feed for “bainbridge island” I learned that we had some German guests on the island this weekend.

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  • 1 Roland Tanglao // May 9, 2005 at 12:06 pm

    i wish i had time to do them more often
    glad u enjoyed it
    maybe u and the kids can be on a future one!