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Progressive marathons, 5Ks and happiness

May 12th, 2005 · 1 Comment

Progressive marathon

While planning my trip to BlogHer, I considered running the 5K and participating in the progressive marathon in San Francisco on July 31. What is a progressive marathon?

Progressive Marathon participants run or walk 26.2 miles over a period of weeks or months, finishing their final 3.1 miles on Race Day in either the 5k Run or the 5k Walk. Participants keep track of their miles on an Interval Sheet that will be available soon. Finishers receive a Marathon finisher’s medal.

Not a bad deal. I could run or walk 23.1 miles before July 30 and then finish it on the 31st in San Francisco. I’d even receive a Marathon finisher’s medal – the same as if I’d ran the whole 26.2?! But it looks like I may have to fly home early Sunday morning in order to make the necessary connections in time for Ted’s OSCON travels. It makes sense, one could say, that San Francisco would have a progressive marathon. The Seattle Marathon has a Kid’s Marathon that is similiar but no such benefit for adults.

Local Options

Guess I’ll have to find a local race to run instead. The other day I happened to see a paper sheet with a schedule of 2005 Kitsap County Runs. Four runs each year are on Bainbridge. I’ve missed April 16 Toe Jam Hill Half-marathon and 10K. I could run the Grand Old 4th 5K again, as I did last year. September 10th is the day for the Blackberry Trail Run 5K and 10K races. The Winter Solstice 5K happens on December 17. For more run info look on the schedule: although I can not easily find web sites for these runs, there are phone numbers and contact information listed on the .pdf calendar.

Why run?

Why push my body through a 5K? Scheherazade believes it is one of the keys to happiness. From How To Be Happy Part 4: Train For Something

Training for something is adopting the philosophy that you can make yourself better at something by working at it whether it’s fun in the moment or not. It makes you interested in and more careful with your body. It makes you stronger and more confident.

Although I can find many ways to spend my morning time alone before the kids wake up, if I exercise, I feel more like myself. It may seem illogical, but exherting myself gives me energy as well as confidence and enthusiasm to start the day. It’s a physical but also emotional and spiritual boost. Sometimes I long for the days when I had more resources for training. However I can do what I can now and hold my goals flexible since my family comes first. When I have a goal and complete it, whether it is crossing the finish line downtown or making it to the next neighbor’s driveway, I feel strong and yes, even happy.

Practical details

Lisa Williams linked to The Couch to 5K Running Plan, a training schedule that encouraged me. What I noticed the most was the fact that it only requires 3 workouts a week for 9 weeks. 1.5 hours a week instead of the 7 I think I need. Sometimes I feel guilty for missing a day or two or three…but 3 workouts is easier to fit into 7 days. I’m not starting at the baseline but I’m also not sure what kind of shape I will be in on July 4th when our island 5K is.

Time to go train…!

[oops – wrote this morning but didn’t post until later!]

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  • 1 liz // May 12, 2005 at 12:08 pm

    Julie, when you come down, let’s do the last X miles on one of my favorite loops, k? I have some neat ones. I’m only about 20 minutes north of the convention site.

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