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Vacation cancelled due to fires

October 29th, 2003 · No Comments

We had planned to leave early this morning to drive to California. As a family we’d gathered together toys, books, tapes and snacks, even a first aid kit and flashlights for the journey, and we’d spread a map across the living room carpet, tracing the freeways with our fingers, showing the girls where we would go. We’d researched our hotel options and made a reservation. The girls spent nights practicing sleeping in the same room, the baby in her playpen. At our meals we talked about what it would be like when we went to visit our family in California. We were looking forward to a great time of getting together with relatives, many of whom we haven’t seen in years.

But the severe fires caused us to cancel our vacation. We are all sad. The girls began to cry when we told them we weren’t going to go. But as we said to our children, while we feel sad for ourselves, our family, and the trip we had to cancel, we feel more sadness for those living among the fires, those who have lost loved ones and homes, those who have been burned, those who have to breathe indoors and boil drinking water, those living with fear, uncertainty and grief. We’ve lost our vacation but many have lost much more. May God bring comfort, peace, mercy and relief.

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