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Open Source Radio on KUOW tonight: tune in!

May 30th, 2005 · 1 Comment

94.9 KUOW in Seattle will be broadcasting Christopher Lydon’s Open Source Radio programs Monday through Thursday from 9 to 10 pm starting tonight. I plan to try to tune in later to catch the first one. Scheduled guests for tonight, according to the show’s blog, include: David Weinberger and Dave Winer, in studio, and Doc Searls on the phone. I’m a fan of all three, and given what I know about Christopher and the show, as well as the guests already scheduled on pilots, I’m soon to become an Open Source Radio groupie… or maybe just an addict of organic conversation [from the KUOW site]:

Open Source is the first radio program truly fused to the Internet. It reflects the sound and sensibility of the Web — embracing the freedom, speed, democracy, links, global reach, and individual “authenticity” that have become standards of Web discourse. The show is dedicated to sorting, sifting, and decoding the digital universe for an audience of terrestrial radio listeners and bloggers, and sophisticated netizens as well. People who worry about the unedited chaos, the near-infinite babble of the Internet hear, finally, that it can be skillfully threaded — night after night, month after month — into an organic conversation.

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  • 1 Colleen Hixenbaugh // Oct 20, 2005 at 8:28 pm

    I’ve been an NPR listener for years, typically KUOW in Seattle. I’ve recently heard your program, Open Source, and I must say: The only thing I can think about while I’m listening to the program is who could have been in the meeting when its name was chosen. All I hear is ‘Open Sores’. I TRY to concentrate on the content and topics, but to this day, all I remember is what a horrible choice the name is. I couldn’t name a single topic that’s been discussed – I’ve been too distracted wondering if it’s a joke. I’ve heard it enough times to realize it’s intended as a serious forum, but I’m sorry, I just can’t get past the name. Please consider changing it – I’m sure the content is useful and thought provoking…but I can’t take it seriously or even focus on the topic.

    Colleen Hixenbaugh

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