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A cute way to stay cool

May 31st, 2005 · No Comments

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It’s been hot here and I’ve been craving Tofutti!

Another cute way to stay cool is, of course, the sprinkler. I let the girls run around outside in it Friday afternoon, smashing grass underfoot with shouts that were equal parts fear and delight while the wave of water oscillated from side to side.

Last year I bought them an inflatable sprinkler pool – and a pump as well. However, at the first usage, the pool sprung a leak, probably from the gravel where we stored it. So this year we are back to using a hose, an old hose we brought with us from San Jose, one we had replaced (we probably should have taken the new hose when we moved instead) and a simple lawn sprinkler we bought back then too. The old hose now has a crack in it but they are happy as can be playing with the “shower” of water. They’re also playing on a plastic slide someone gave us after much use, the corners cracked open. I thought about putting it in the garden and planting flowers through the openings but it didn’t seem too practical.

After going to special effort and expenditure last year to get them an aquatic toy, I was happy to see how happy they were playing with a leaky hose, a cracked slide and a simple sprinkler. Money seems so important at times. Yet contentment doesn’t cost much. In fact, you can have it for free.

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