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A smorgasbord of links from the end of May

June 1st, 2005 · 1 Comment

Food for thoughts: Chocolate and acorn bread recipe posts

Marmite is good for my mind, Chris Holmes tells me. Can I be skeptical?

Picture this

Ernie posts an x-ray and reveals why he sets off metal detectors…

It’s fun to read Fred First’s tales of his many Vancouver B.C. adventures including Stanley Park (next time stop by Seattle too!):

I never thought I’d get to see a temperate rain forest–a completely different biome and as much like a visit to another planet as I’ll ever have.

I’m enjoying Susan Mernit’s posts from Korea such as this one and her pictures on flickr.

Body and Soul

Liz lets go and encourages me by her example.

How to Become an Early Riser via chandrasutra (more reflection on this later, perhaps)

Perhaps Ronni can help answer some of Dave’s questions on Lionel Ritchie (?)

Mr. Rogers’ Theology of ‘Neighbor’ via Body and Soul:

He said, once you realize that everybody’s your neighbor, you have a choice. You can either be an advocate or an accuser. An accuser is somebody who only sees what’s awful about themselves so they look through those eyes and look for what’s awful about their neighbor. An advocate is somebody who looks through the eyes of God at their neighbor and sees what’s good about that person because they’re created in God’s likeness. That’s a very simple, basic truth, but to live that out in our daily lives is tremendously difficult.

To Tell the Truth

Scheherazade reveals a list of Legal Lies: We in the legal profession don’t treat our young very well.  We lie to them systematically. 

LAPD wife: Top 10 Things I Don’t Like as an Officer’s Wife

Shawn posts reasons why you don’t need a record label including tips on how to promote yourself and this caution:

If I ran a record company and wanted it to be both profitable for me and healthy for my artists right now I would only sign single people or married people without kids willing to travel together.

Shimon Rura:

Intimacy and the Internet: a blog is obviously an intimacy engine.

Family Names: your last name is a huge branding opportunity (update see related post by bobvis)

Blogging Goodies (related to my upcoming presentations at Gnomedex and Blogher)

Kalilily reports on the Teenage Blogging seminar

They asked me how “public” I am about who I am. I replied, as you might expect, that I didn’t worry about anyone out there wanting to harass a “little old retired grandma raising hell at the keyboard” — and that I am a performer at heart, and these days my blog is my one-woman-show. But they need to be a lot more careful because they are in a much more vulnerable position..

What makes a blog worth reading? via Critical Section also see Ilona’s survey on The Blog We Want and Why We Want Them

Why My Blog is at Live Journal – sounds like Betsy knows!

Evelyn Rodriguez: Why Women Blog

The blogger behind This woman’s work appeared in the Washington Times’ Birth of blogs for parents

Richard links to Min Jung Kim’s excellent life cycle of blogger, both accurate and comical, which leads me to ask what is it about blogging?!…but that would be falling into step #10 of her list yet again….

Lisa Williams points out that Blogging Sucks – But That’s a Feature, Not a Bug

Speaking of bugs, I loved this quote Doc published from Britt Blaser’s A Bug in My Computer:.

A life form sharing the window on my virtual world reminds me that the greatest silicon-based experience is totally trumped by the most trivial carbon-based life form.

And on that note…it’s time to say good night….or rather good morning

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