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June 23rd, 2005 · No Comments

As soon as I posted my list of local bloggers earlier this month, it became obsolete, as Bainbridge Beat pointed out. Lisa Williams in her comment asked how many people live on the island. For a community of approximately 20,000, we now have a ratio close to 1 blogger per 1,000 residents! But now here are a few more that have begun…

BainbridgeBulletin, another anonymous blogger with the intials BB has started writing, commenting on my blog and outdating my post almost immediately. Here’s a description from the inaugural post on the Bulletin: While I won’t be writting about the antics of my kitten or what a yummy cookie I just ate. I’ll be looking outward – but not too far outward. My vision stops at this island’s shores. So, this is a blog about Bainbridge. Read. Enjoy. Reply. Repeat.

This week, Ed Hager started Attention Citizens of Earth. He hopes to spread the word about the upcoming trail work party this Saturday June 25 from 10 am to 2 pm at Blakely and Tani Creek. Most of the trails are maintained by a group of volunteers. I like The grass is brown in Arizona where he lists what one learns when living in the heat: Tap water in the summer comes out warm

James Olson also commented to add his new blog to the list: Friends of Historical Accuracy regarding the ethnic Japanese Evacuation of 1942. From his inaugural post: Welcome to this blog. I am a born and bred West Coaster, having lived all my life in a community that was greatly affected by the 1942 evacuation of ethnic Japanese from the military zones of the United States. Contrary to popular belief in other parts of the United States, as children we knew all about the evacuation, the reasons for the evacuation and what was happening in the ethnic Japanese community prior to the evacuation. Being also university educated in history, I learned early that the role of a good historian is to seek out and document the 100% historical truth to the point of callousness.

Philippe Boucher now has two blogging daughters. From Anne, I learned that her sister Abigail has started one too: dans la vie d’abi: After months and months of hearing about my father’s blogging, and now my younger sister’s as well, I figured it was time for me to join the team.

Through the Technorati feed for “bainbridge island”, I discovered that Kristen Tollefson has started a blog titled Collocation at Pritchard Park: The Collocation blog is for participating artists, community members and visitors to interface about the conceptual site and the physical site of the art insallation to keep each other informed through the duration of the three month show, June – September 2005.

I enjoyed Art in the Meadow at Blakely Harbor two years ago so I’m looking forward to interacting with this new public exhibition in the park and the blog too.

Keep ’em coming, everyone! 🙂

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