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Life After Gnomedex

June 23rd, 2005 · 2 Comments

You know when you start having nightmares about something that it must have slipped inside your subconscious. Last week I dreamed it was time for me to talk at Gnomedex but I had lost my paper notes and didn’t have my slides either. Those who have seen my talk know it is dependent on the pictures to tell the stories. So I woke frazzled and afraid. I rarely have nightmares. I knew I was in deep, as if the absence of posts on this page didn’t prove the intensity of my preparations.

One might think I was hoping to receive a Tony for a soliloquy, based on the way I’ve been practicing my presentation. Of course I’m kidding. Professional actors, I’m sure, spend much more time rehearsing their lines. They probably even memorize them and don’t count on KeyNote to become a teleprompter. Thanks to Darren Barefoot for his helpful vocal warmups. The kids have been wondering why I am running around making strange sounds, like some sort of huge bird…like an enormous version of our neighborhood pheasant…like a chicken with its head cut off…oh, that’s it… Darren and Tod’s podcast was great. I’ve also felt more confident since I did my rehearsal for Ted Tuesday night. He’s my harshest critic, or so I think. He’s gentle but also focusses on important details. He also was able to hack my new remote control hardware. I’m grateful…and waiting for him to want his turn with the remote…;-)

Anxious? Who wouldn’t be anxious? At SuperNova, according to Nat Torkington’s notes, Linda Stone spoke on Continuous Partial Attention and the value of attention. [Ted also linked this too coincidentally…] She said: The next aphrodisiac is committed full-attention focus. In this new area, experiencing this engaged attention is to feel alive. In this Seattle Times article on Pirillo and Gnomedex, John Dvorak is quoted: The speakers are up there and only about 10 percent of the people will be watching. The rest will be blogging it. The more I read about Gnomedex, the more I wonder how my talk can compete for precious attention with all the exciting product announcements and surprises-still-to-come. How can I compete with a robot that can podcast? Then again, a podcasting robot is probably the antithesis of my presentation…

Chris Pirillo says he has pre-conference jitters but the video reveals him sleeping sound as a baby while Ponzi makes funny faces. A sleeper hit indeed with my daughters who go crazy for anything branded with Pirillo and Ponzi. The picture in this Seattle P-I article had my kids laughing and commenting about what was happening on Chris’ chest. They also liked the new theme music for the show. So lots of funny faces and show tunes will keep them entertained…I learned…

For weeks my life has been divided into Before Gnomedex and After Gnomedex. Usually I like to keep a schedule and routines around our household but some things have had to wait while I invest in my talk and the conference time. For example:

  • Clean the Car: originally on the After Gnomedex list, but one sunny day took my sanity and convinced me to do it Before Gnomedex
  • Clean the Garage: has to be done Before Gnomedex if we want our leftover goods to go to the island’s Rotary Auction god this weekend.
  • Clean the Refrigerator: definitely After Gnomedex. Besides, the girls have been asking to see bacteria. It’s a homeschool science project, sure.
  • Buy Groceries: again, After Gnomedex. Three weeks of eating frozen fish sticks will only make my family more appreciative of that Gnomie cuisine.
  • Blog: oh, I guess that will have to be After Gnomedex too…

My talk is on life, it’s beginning and ending, and the ways our stories intersect in the middle. In order for there to be Life After Gnomedex, there has to be life Before it. There’s got to be time and space to eat and breathe. There’s got to be life! Is there Life After Gnomedex? Guess I’ll find out on Sunday. In the meantime I’ve got to live through Gnomedex! Time to go prepare for the party…!

In all seriousness, I am looking forward to giving my presentation Saturday morning. Since the Northern Voice debut, I’ve tightened the talk while also adding some new material. I’m speaking from my life, sharing stories of our experience as a family illustrated by our photographs. It’s a ride through time and place and emotional space, identity, creativity and connection. I hope many come along with me, enjoy the journey we take together and find challenge and courage to go farther and deeper in new ways.

A few notes:

We’ll be going to dinner with Derek Miller and his family Friday night at Ivar’s on the waterfront. Anyone else is welcome to join us, especially families with kids. See the wiki for more details.

Dave Winer and I exchanged email this week. I told him it was thundering here, like in his podcast. He asked which song we should sing Friday morning and I suggested Louie, Louie as one option. Dave had already written it down as one too! When I was growing up in Seattle, I remember the drive (unsuccessful) to make the state song. After all, who knows how to sing “Washington My Home?” Anyone can mumble along to this popular party tune. Web pages posted at Louielouie.net document the history and its has numerous Northwest roots.

Is anyone interested in getting together on for lunch Sunday? Robert Scoble and I had talked about trying to plan a camping trip but neither of us have the resources to do it now. However, a group of us could meet for lunch on Bainbridge Island, either picnic style or at a restaurant. Options afterwards include touring the winery, hanging out at the beach or exploring downtown island galleries, cafes and shops. Let me know if you’d like to come.

Kris Krug has created an awesome feed for Gnomedex. The Wiki is also a great resource. Check the live audio stream link which will be the closest to being there for those who haven’t already registered: Ponzi says the conference is nearly sold out! Time to party…!

Hope to see everyone there!

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  • 1 Elizabeth Grigg // Jun 24, 2005 at 8:49 am

    Hi Julie,
    I hope we are able to see you tonight at Ivars. There is lots happening, so if my name is on the Wiki you’ll know we will come. If not, best of luck tomorrow morning. I’m torn between gluing myself to the audio feed to hear your talk or going to the rotary club sale. As for Sunday, keep posting about what might be happening. I wish we could do something at my house. There is also the podcast roadshow thing happening at pike place market that afternoon, which I am curious about. Obviously we have to say no to something, especially since I am becoming ea_spouse next week. Good to see all your posts today!
    – Beth

  • 2 Tom Sayles // Jun 25, 2005 at 10:06 pm

    Julie —

    Found your presentation very powerful and very moving. You not only captured my attention but you also captured my emotions in exactly the same way as other truly inspiring works of art. I hope that you will continue to give your presentation publicly, as I have many friends who would certainly enjoy the experience as much as I did.

    Tom Sayles