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Speaking other languages: If I remembered my French I could make a catchy title for this post

July 17th, 2005 · 1 Comment

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We island bloggers, or at least a subset of the whole, did gather together at the Waterfront Concert this past Wednesday. I won’t identify any specific characters in the accompanying photograph, in case anyone might protest, but I will say that representatives of the following blogs or bloggers were present:

Attention Citizens of Earth! (Ed Hager)

Bainbridge Book Moms (Mary Hager)

Busker (Chris Holmes)

Elisabeth Freeman’s Blog

Eric Freeman

Peggy Finds a Friend (Bill Branley)

and of course, Ted and myself and our girls. Kathe Fraga, and family, also enjoyed the concert, from their table with its distinctive candleabra (how I found her).

It was a great concert. Les Femmes d’Enfer once again delivered hot Cajun music for dancing and dining, the kind of tunes that make you want to move even if you can’t understand what they are singing. It is its own language. Musik muss man nicht ubersetzen, to quote Boris Mann on his German podcast (recorded on the way to Gnomedex -wanna know how to say Gnomedex auf Deutsch?!) with Roland Tanglao. These Waterfront Park concerts are one of our favorite island activities. For a 30-second taste of what Wednesday night was like, please see the video clip I posted. This is my first attempt at posting video at all, and thanks to Boris I was inspired to try YouTube. The picture quality seems to be a bit fuzzy on YouTube, but I suppose the lack of clarity only preserves a little mystery.

Mvi 2613

click here to see video

Near the end of the evening, I was asked the name of the band, so I turned to the multilingual Chris Holmes whom I knew would be able to deliver and translate properly the French for us: The Women from Hell. I had not yet seen his post referring to our daughters as a bevy of exquisitely behaved Filles de Paradis. I remembered enough from my brief study of the language to know that he is quite misled to think our girls behave as if they are from Paradise, but I will let him keep his misconceptions. Chris also speaks Cantonese so perhaps he can begin to teach us some of that language as well.

Hanging out together with the talented women from hell sure was fun! Thanks to everyone who came!

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  • 1 Peter // Jul 17, 2005 at 9:09 am

    Sorry I missed it!

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