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Fasten seat belts…Blogher ahead!

July 21st, 2005 · 2 Comments

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As I said to Ted tonight, excusing myself to take this picture, it’s always helpful to have a Fasten Seat Belts sign in one’s photo library. And this picture seems appropriate for writing about Blogher! Fasten seat belts – it’s gonna be an exciting ride!

Although the conference is sold out, Elisa is keeping a waiting list. The last 40 spots seemed to disappear overnight- hot! Blogher promises to be intense and fun.

I have about 343 reasons I’m glad I’m going to Blogher. 167 of them are here: the bloggers who will be at the conference, in person or virtually. [I tried to add them to my blogroll on this page but couldn’t.] Please take a peek – in the past week or two I’ve discovered treasures for my own aggregator such as HadashiWorld [how can I resist topics such as marriage, the German language and interracial relationships?!] Lassa [quote: If you made it this far, you’re my new best friend. ] Contentious [Let’s Put Press Releases Out of Their Misery], HERStory [ quote: I think it’s just because I’m an unrepentant South Asian. ] and Mandajuice [quote: I can imagine a time in the future when my baby is no longer nursing and he doesn’t ask me for it eleventy billion times a day. And I’m not sure if I’ll be happy or sad about it. ] I’ve also enjoyed what Lisa Williams and others have published as dailyblogher tagged posts: thanks!

Another reason is this discussion, sure to be a hot debate: Play by today’s rules – or change the game? My opinion? Still in process, but I’m not sure we need to do either. How about both? What can we discover as creative options, between all of us in the room that morning?! I’m excited to see! Caterina Fake’s closing session should be a don’t-miss-this too. Add to create conversationsasons the hundreds of attendees to meet and share stories in large and small ways. Plus, the Blogging 101 session Susan Mernit and I are leading [more on this later] – sure to be helpful and fun for all!

The best part about conferences is that you can anticipate some of the fun – and the Blogher organizers have done an excellent job providing details, thinking of ideas and making plans – and yet much of it remains mystery, to be determined, discovered and enjoyed for the wild ride it is!

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  • 1 Alison // Jul 23, 2005 at 1:34 pm

    Fun, Mystery: An event planning friend of mine said good events must include a sense of 1) celebration and 2) adventure.

    I think Lisa Stone and the other organizers have done that quite well for blogher. It sounds like it will be a great time!

    And I waited too long to register!! Will be watching over the web. Please take good notes and enjoy yourself 🙂

  • 2 Lassa // Jul 30, 2005 at 3:07 pm

    Im so honored that you discovered my site! I am so bummed that I couldn’t make it to Blogher at the last minute… I keep checking all over the place for updates by the minute!
    Hope you’re having a great time…

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