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September 23rd, 2005 · 1 Comment

Last week, Jon Udell described his departure checklist [via Dave Winer]. As he commented on what little he needs, besides drivers license, I was reminded of Dick Hardt’s excellent Identity 2.0 talk which I saw at Foo and is now available as a movie on -line – go see it!

Udell’s comments on cameras also resonated with me. I’ve stopped taking tons of pictures at conferences. Part of it is my own lack of skills and equipment. Hey, if Kris Krug is at a conference, I might as well leave the camera at home! I too know that I will be able to find plenty of pictures thanks to tags and Technorati. It does get complicated carting around packs of batteries and extra cable.

His post also reminded me of the list of necessities I’ve developed over the summer through various experiences. I never thought I’d become someone who carried constant cargo in her car: it seemed like clutter. But life as an islander and mom of three small kids has its ways of changing your convictions.

Here’s what I’ve found invaluable in the past few months of summer explorations:

sticky pads and pens in the purse: useful for taking notes (for blog posts), amusing the kids and telling the server how to split the bill on credit cards when out with friends

bandaids: three active kids can get themselves into some scrapes. alcohol wipes and antibacterial cream are helpful when on the road.

santizing hand gel: a true necessity for families on the go…also anti-bacterial wipes

quarters: great for parking meters and vacuum cleaners…or to trade to others who need them

towel: can cushion purchases or wipe up spilled water bottles in the car or come to the rescue for spontaneous swimming and beach exploration

sun tan lotion and bag of hats: here comes the sun…and the protective gear…

plastic grocery sacks: excellent for beachcombing, organizing new acquisitions, transporting dirty clothes and shoes

trash bag: required by law anyway

Kleenex: pocket size for purse and a box for the van

bag of beach shoes: a necessity when living on an island and going on a picnic or visiting friends who have waterfront property

spare jackets: when the clouds come across the Sound or the summer weather isn’t what you thought it would be, you’re prepared.

changes of clothes for the kids: handy when someone surprises the party with a slip and slide and you didn’t pack swimsuits

$13.30 exact change: having the exact cash may mean you will make the boat instead of missing it (time!)

granola bars: you never know when you and the kids might miss the boat and have dinner delayed…

bottled water: never know when you’re going to run out of water either on a hot summer day driving around

cell phone: of course, a special necessity when telling the spouse that you won’t be home when you thought you would be, or the ferry is too full

oh yeah, and sometimes I like to bring along my laptop, camera and cables…handy for the wifi on the ferry…and taking pictures that I’ll need someday to help me remember this intense but fast stage of life with little children…

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  • 1 Lucy // Sep 23, 2005 at 5:20 pm

    Vinyl tablecloth. ($2.50 at Wal-mart). And duct-tape. Useful for both “suprise” picnics and car-wrecks.

    Pipe-cleaners, bubbles, non-lined index-cards, Crayola twistable colored pencils (which won’t melt in the car) in a ziploc. Excellent for either your own or a stranger’s car-wreck.

    Benadryl. Which (after seeing the snake) I now have in my purse, all glove-compartments, diaper-bag, etc. Apparently, according to the people at poison-control, you can give a child a double adult dose and have no ill effects. Although you should watch kids like a hawk after ANY medicine. True, my husband rolls his eyes, but he’s allowed that luxery since he’s married to me (who will keep him prepared in spite of himself)

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