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See it at 6 AM

November 3rd, 2003 · 1 Comment

On my desk are a pair of tickets to “Matrix: Revolutions” on Wednesday. It’s not that we HAVE to see this on opening day, but it works out well, since we’re on vacation-of-sorts this week, and it’s cheaper – less crowded too – to see it midday midweek. Wednesday’s the best day this week for us to go. And the other night Grandma volunteered to babysit for us, making this all possible! Babysitting is key!

When I showed up at the theater, I asked what times the movie would be showing on Wednesday. I was surprised to learn that even Bainbridge Island would be having a 6 AM showing. I had read about the Matrix Revolutions Zero Hour Global Premiere on the Matrix web site (and blogged about it ) weeks ago but it amazes me that even in this small town the film will be showing at that hour. L.A. is one thing, but Bainbridge?! As I joked with Ted, people could see it at 6 AM and still make the 8:40 AM boat – wouldn’t be too late to work! Or, as I joked, I could sneak out in the morning and be back by the time the girls get up! A night owl, he wasn’t too keen on that idea. Even the cinema employees weren’t sure who would be there that early in the morning. But the 6:45 PM showing on Wednesday – in time for all the commuters to come home – is sold out already!

Now, despite all my posts about various Matrix books, I confess I’m not that excited about it. Yes, despite our plans to go opening day, I don’t have that high expectations. In some sense, I told Ted, I feel it will be like getting a tooth pulled. I just want to get it over with. Get to the end of this trilogy. Maybe it will be better than I expect. I liked the first film but felt disappointed by the second. Maybe #3 will make it up to me.

To get in the mood, I swung by the library and picked up The Matrix Reloaded soundtrack – I put it on hold four months ago but it was finally available for me this past week. I have to say the music is a bit intense for my typing right now. Pulsing beats, forceful lyrics, lots of tension. A bit distracting. Not the best background music for blogging. Makes me remember the movie – what did I expect from Matrix soundtrack music?!

The cover says “Parental Advisory Explicit Content”. Well, I don’t plan to be listening to Marilyn Manson much. I had to skip through that track already. I was mostly interested in the album because it came up on my “matrix” library search , and because it features P.O.D. “Sleeping Awake”. I had not yet heard of P.O.D., I confess, until I saw on the Web that they had recorded Revolutions theme song. Once I learned a little more about the band, I became intrigued, especially by their inclusion in Matrix movies. At the end of Reloaded, as I listened during the credits, I could tell their song from the others; there is a different tone and lightness to it. As Enoch mentioned in a recent post, they are one of many Christian groups finding acceptance in mainstream now. Looking at the P.O.D. website, I see that their latest single is #1 on MTV TRL.

We won’t be seeing the movie at 6 AM but you can bet Ted and I will be blogging sometime Wednesday at least a little of what we think, how we reacted to Revolutions….

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  • 1 enoch // Nov 4, 2003 at 7:57 am

    seeing dave fedor tonight, and thought of you and ted. we’ll chat about revolutions, and try to guess when you’re seeing it… i agree, reloaded was weak in the plot and less interesting philosophically, but the whole thing about “you’ve already made your choices” such that the Oracle can know what but not why, is an interesting take on free-will. It’s as if God was the programmer and stands outside of time, so that He knows all at once about everything that happens within constraints of time.