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Updated blogroll of local bloggers: Bainbridge Island, Kitsap County and a few Seattle ones too

September 29th, 2005 · No Comments

I’ve updated my blogroll in the sidebar of this blog, including my lists of local bloggers. The Technorati feed Mike Houser created has been helpful for finding new local bloggers or even reading stories about the island such as this message in a bottle found at Agate Pass. Other blogs I’ve discovered through Bainbridge Buzz and Philippe Boucher’s blog.

I’ve posted the updated lists of Bainbridge Island blogs and Kitsap County blogs below in this post.

Keeping up with Bainbridge blogs: Bloglines

For a while I’ve wanted to create a site that would compile Bainbridge blogs. Chip Gibbons encouraged me to look at Bloglines. I put together a page where Bainbridge blogs (I know) are listed. Please feel free to use it to keep up with the Bainbridge blog community. Blogs can be read one at a time or all blogs can be read together, selecting posts that have been published within the past 24 hours, week, etc.

Bainbridge blogs list

movers and shakers

Orange Zen (Janelle Hill) once of Bremerton, has moved to Virginia and Grotto of Procrastination (Emily Julia) has moved to Seattle. I know I’m not the only one who misses I Love Bainbridge Island which disappeared suddenly. Mixerguy’s Blog returned, with new podcasts. Fletcher Landing, Making Trouble and Roe Day Oh are all new additions to the island blogroll.

Jonathan and his wife Heather had moved to the island when three days later he was offered opportunity to be a Stuntman on the tv show Lost filmed in Hawaii. It’s a fascinating story that involves his blog (which still says Bainbridge Island on it!) And I think I’ll still be reading his blog for his insights into the television industry and society.

I’d also like to highlight a few Seattle blogs I’ve enjoyed:

Classical singer Anne-Carolyn is based in Seattle (at the moment) and blogs at the concert.

Rhymes with Drowning is a widower’s intense chronicle of his journey.

Mommy blogger Linda is Keepin It Real.

New Northwest Books showcases new reads.

And the Olympia area has a community OlyBlog

Bainbridge Island Blogs

Attention Citizens of Earth! (Ed Hager)

Bainbridge Beat (anonymous)

Bainbridge Book Moms (group blog)

The Bainbridge Bulletin (anonymous)

Busker (Chris Holmes)

Capra hircus (Adrian Sampson)

Casdra Blog (Mike Houser)

Choosing Hope (Walker Willingham)

Collocation at Pritchard Park (Kristin Tollefson and others)

dreaming of electric sheep (Victor Cosby)

Ecotalk (Philippe Boucher)

Elisabeth Freeman’s blog (Elisabeth Freeman)

Fletcher Landing (Tom)

Friends of Historical Accuracy regarding the ethnic Japanese evacuation of 1942 (James Olsen)

Imagine Bainbridge

In Other News (Emily Groff)

Le blog d’Anne (Anne Boucher)

Making Trouble (anonymous)

Meadowhawk Farm Web Log (Krista)

Mixerguy’s Blog (podcast) (Christian Heilman)

Peggy Finds a Friend (Bill Branley)

Peter’s Mostly Food Blog (Peter MacLeod)

Real Lawyers Have Blogs (Kevin O’Keefe)

Roe Day Oh (anonymous)

Rowdy Rover (Ed and Mary Hager)

Sarah van Gelder of Yes! magazine

Soaking Rhet (anonymous)

Ted Leung on the Air (Ted Leung)

The Binary Circumstance (Chip Gibbons)

Unchained Melody (Maureen)

Voice of Bainbridge: The Blog (Philippe Boucher)

The Way From Here (Nancy Blakey)

Zenzoa (Sarah Gould)

Kitsap County Blogs

8bit Joystick.com (Jake)

Book of Kells (Kelli Russell Agodon)

The Bremerton Speakers Corner (Mick Horan)

the inside is scary(matthew and Marla)

Jenny On the Spot (Jenny Ingram)

The Kitsap Pundit (Al Hedstrom)


Sports and Bremertonians (David Schmitz and Jeremy Muck)

Welcome to Witting Shire (Jonathan and Amanda Witt)

With fingernails that shine like justice (Freedom Girl)

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