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Just what the brother ordered: Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

November 2nd, 2005 · 1 Comment

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After a dinner meeting at our house, a friend left us these “Chippers”. Apparently her family has a tradition of ordering them for each other from North Dakota. I wasn’t sure what to do with a box of Chocolate Covered Potato Chips. The combination of fried potatoes plus dark chocolate seemed disgusting and unnecessary. Toss it, I thought.

Then again, during our recent family vacation in Virginia we tried to find clothes for Ted, searching through stores in the huge mall for 28×30 jeans. His brother (joking?!) counseled him on ways to gain weight, suggesting that he add quantities of fatty foods to his diet. His point was that if Ted gained weight, he’d have an easier time finding clothing that fit.

These Chippers, I figured, are just what the brother ordered, so to speak. I decided to leave them on the counter and see what happened. I was skeptical that Ted would eat them, since he doesn’t like sweets, but now and then at night I’ve spied him snacking on some. When I tried to take a picture as proof for this blog post, he ducked under the counter.

Here’s the information in case anyone else needs to gain weight:

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